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Since our founding, we have served our investors, providing remarkable value and insight in the municipal bond market. DON’T WORRY! Our bond experts are known for specializing in dreadful or strong credit bonds 

1Bonds Insurance, We make sure to work with the best insurances to provide you with the help you need.

Our company is very particular about the company we keep. We select only the best insurance companies with the highest standards as surety providers. You can feel confident that your bonds are placed with surety companies are known for their integrity, quality, and honesty our online application is Encrypted as well as our entire website. our Underwriting information is held in the strictest of confidentiality. Our companies meet or exceed all regulatory requirements as approved sureties to issue bonds to the Federal government, Us Treasury,  as well as state and local agencies, school boards and the private sector.

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Yes. We have exclusive programs that allow us to write these bonds, even if you have credit issues. You can apply and get a quote instantly.

How Much does a Bond Cost?

It can cost as little as $50 for a notary bond, it all depends on what type of bond do you require and the amount Surety Bonds has a wide array of surety bonds available nationwide to, or required of individuals, businesses, residents, and non-residents.  Fidelity and Surety are a third party financial guarantee tool providing protection to governmental entities, businesses and the citizens of the State.


surety bond company

I have done business with them for almost two years and their professionalism and capabilities are extremely high.  They are very knowledgeable and quick to respond.  That puts them at the top of the list, the best company in Surety Bonds.

surety bonds company

I recently purchased general liability insurance, workers compensation and surety bond from them. I am a general contractor and do not have time to deal with insurance gimmicks and rate shopping. I was searching for a WRAP policy for a new construction site that I just started. I spoke with several brokers and agents but ultimately chose Selene at 1BondsInsurance after speaking with her and seeing their great Yelp reviews. I have not been disappointed. Selene has been great at explaining the process to me and helping along the way. She explained what is covered and what won’t. Environmental and demolition coverage was not even covered in my last policy. Now I am paying less and have a broader coverage. She has been so proactive and even reached out recently to assist if we needed help filing any papers for the permits and funding. Would definitely recommend them! Gilbert is helping my family with business insurance as well. My brother in law was amazed at how much he saved him with malpractice insurance for his medical clinic.


Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond

A motor vehicle dealer bond is a type of surety bond that helps to show that the auto dealer can be trusted. Motor vehicle bonds serve to protect customers of a dealer.

Why Do You Need Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond?

Motor vehicle dealer surety bonds exist to ensure the safety of the principal’s (vehicle dealer’s) customers. By posting this bond, the principal guarantees that he or she will adhere to all of the laws, rules, and regulations found in the  Revised Statutes. Some of these laws include:

Contractor Taxpayer Bond

contractor’s surety bond is a three-party contract between a principle (the contractor who must procure a bond), an obligee (the entity that requires the bond such as a government agency, supplier or project owner) and the surety providing the bond.

Why do I need this bond?

The taxpayer bond for contractor ensures that the principal (contractor) will pay all transaction privilege taxes, penalties, and other obligations. If the principal fails to make the appropriate payments, the surety will compensate the state for any financial losses. These bonds are not required of all contractors in the state. The state might require a contractor to post this bond if the department experienced collection problems while a new license applicant was engaged in business under a prior license or if a new license applicant had a previous license revoked.

Defective Title Bond

A Defective Title surety bond is a bond required by state Departments of Motor Vehicles when a person attempts to register a vehicle with a lost or defective title. This happens when a person purchases a vehicle from a seller with a bill of sale and fails to obtain a properly-endorsed vehicle title.

Why do I need a title bond and how does it work?

A defective or lost title bond is required for the current owner of a vehicle to obtain a new certificate of title for their vehicle when they are unable to provide evidence of ownership. By getting a surety bond, the owner of the vehicle may receive a bonded title which gives them the same ownership rights as a regular title. At the end of three years, the vehicle owner is no longer obligated to have a bond and may get a regular title.


Business Service Bond

Business Services Bond will provide you with protection against financial liability for the loss of your customer’s money, securities, and personal property caused by dishonest acts of your employees while on your customer’s premises upon conviction.

Win more business with a Business Service Bond!

Business service bonds are great marketing tools used by legitimate businesses to stand out from the competition, and purchasing one can be the difference between winning a job or losing out to your competition.

Almost all potential clients require proof that a business is bonded prior to awarding them the job because having a bond demonstrates trustworthiness and credibility to both current and future clients.

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