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Arizona fidelity bond

Arizona Business Services Employee Dishonesty Surety Bond

Arizona Fidelity Bond (Business Services Employee Dishonesty Surety Bond)

Arizona fidelity bond – Business Services Bonds, also known as a Fidelity Bond in the surety industry, secures you and your business from the dishonest acts of your employees against your clients and customers. While these particular types of bond are not necessary by any Alaska legal provision, many companies or savvy consumers will request that your business have a business services bond in place before allowing work to commence. Untruthful employees are an unpredictable risk for your business, even if you are not required to carry a bond, you can enjoy the security of the bond.


The most ordinary types of business services bonds are:


  • Janitorial Service

  • Home Health Care Providers

  • Security Guards

  • Temporary Employment Agencies

  • Janitorial Service

  • Pest Control Services

  • General Repair Services

  • Pool Cleaning

  • Security Guard

  • Carpet Cleaning

  • Appliance Repair

  • Locksmiths

  • Painters

  • Pet Sitters

  • Moving Companies

  • and many more


Coverage amounts vary from $10,000 to $250,000 in the State of Arizona and your bond can be issued for 1 or 3 years depending on your preference.

arizona fidelity bond