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Bonded Title AZ.

Bonded Title AZ.

Bonded Title AZ.

How much will my certificate of title bond cost (Bonded Title AZ)?


The Arizona Department of Transportation Vehicle Services Division requires individuals with a missing vehicle title to provide a bond with a 3-year term for an amount that’s 1.5 times the vehicle’s worth. The state will decide your vehicle’s worth and necessary bond amount.


Arizona title bonds in amounts $25,000 or greater will be subject to underwriting, and the price an applicant pays will be based on underwriting consideration.


Why is this bond necessary?


The Arizona certificate of title bond ensures that the principal (previous vehicle owner) is or was indeed the sole owner of the vehicle upon the sale of said vehicle.

This bond is essential when the principal has lost the title of a vehicle in their name and plans to sell it in the future. If it comes to light that the principal is not or was not the sole owner of the vehicle, a claim can be brought against the bond and the surety will cover any damages. The principal is then required to reimburse the surety.


By posting this bond, the seller and buyer of the vehicle agree that, to the best of their knowledge, the vehicle is in good standing and was not acquired under fraudulent conditions.


What do I need to do first?

Prior to beginning the bonding process, you must get the vehicle appraised by the state of Arizona, which can usually be done at one of the offices of the Department of Motor Vehicles.


The appraisal amount of the vehicle must be known before a surety bond can be obtained.

bonded title az